Junior Golf Club Sale and Swap

The goal of the sale is to get more properly fit junior golf clubs in the hands of more kids interested in golf at a very reasonable price. There will be PGA golf professionals and other golf teachers on hand to help fit the best set at the best price to each junior golfer!

Mankato Area

From April 1st through May 1st bring your used junior golf club sets to Mankato Golf Club, North Links Golf Course, Minneopa Golf Course, Waseca Lakeside GC, Shoreland CC or Terrace View GC to be sold at the sale. The Sale/Swap will be part of the 6th Annual Mankato Area Kids Golfapalooza event on Friday, May 5th from 4:00 to 7:00 at the North Links Golf Course Practice Facility in North Mankato.

There is NO COST to enter your junior/teen sets into the sales. If they sell, 15% of the sale price will be taken out to support the event and junior golf in the state of Minnesota.

How it Works?

  • Bring in used junior/teen golf club sets (not cut off adult clubs) to one of the area golf courses during the Tour Stop drop off dates.

  • Set a price yourself or allow PGA professional staff to set the price for you. Remember, Price To Sell!

  • If your set(s) sell, the sale will take 15% of the sale price to help support junior golf and MN Kids Golf-A-Palooza and a check will be mailed to you within a week for the remainder of the sale price minus the 15%.

  • If your set(s) do not sell they may be picked up after the sales or before the end of the day of the Sunday on the same weekend of both MN Kids Golf-A-Palooza Tour Stop. After that time it will be assumed that you would like to donate the sets / clubs to support further junior golf initiatives.

PLEASE bring in your junior/teen golf club sets to sell and help us bring the great game of golf to more kids in 2023!

We Look Forward to seeing you at our 2023 MN Kids Golf-A-Palooza Tour Stops!

Mankato Area

Friday, May 5th from 4:00 to 7:00 at North Links Golf Course Practice Facility.